The Future of Virtual Performance

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A New Way to Perform Live!

Open Perform is a real-time, 1-to-1, Web-GL performance framework; built from the ground up to enable the direct expression of movement in a fully realized 3d universe. This gives dancers, actors, and other creative performers the freedom to explore themes, concepts, and perspectives from any place, at any angle, with any and all visual flourish.


  • 3d camera animation system
  • Real-time tracking with the Perception Neuron
  • Generative 3d animations
  • Individual and group effects chains
  • Interactive 3d Environments
  • Room Scale VR Support

Coming Soon

  • More input support (Kinect, Myo, Neurosky, Webcam)
  • More environments
  • Interchangeable 3d performer models
  • Performance Recording / Playback

We are currently working in preparation for the open source release of OpenPerform in the next few months.
If you’d like to contribute or help test, please contact Us.